Thanksgiving Printable Game Bundle

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Get ready for some quiet Thanksgiving fun for your turkeys this Thanksgiving! These printable Thanksgiving games are an extra fun addition to your Thanksgiving celebrating this year. Print them off, grab a pencil and some dice and enjoy some quiet screen free time with your kiddos! Or some quiet engaged time while you prep dinner! ;)

These two printable games can be printed on regular printer paper from your home printer and are both 8.5x11 in size!

Games ideal for kids 5-12.


Turkey Gobble: a play on Scattegories where kids come up with an answer for each of the prompts cycling through the letters T U R K E Y

Turkey Treats: a game of dice rolling and racing to fill your turkey feathers before your sibling!

These printable games are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. They cannot be resold, shared or copied.

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: After purchasing, the digital PDF print file will be EMAILED to you. A physical copy will NOT be shipped to you. Print the file at home or send to a local printer to print your 8.5x11 Thanksgiving games.

PRINTED: This option will be 2 copies of each game printed and shipped to you- along with 2 dice and 2 fun size packs of M&Ms to play the game! You will also get the digital copies to print more if needed!

This printable is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. It cannot be resold, shared or copied.

THIS ITEM (PRINTED WITH DICE AND M&MS) WAS INCLUDED IN THE THANKSGIVING MEMORIES IN MOMENTS UNWRAPPED BOX! To learn more getting a full box of celebration time fun, head over to: