I'm Bored Card Pack

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Hearing I'm Bored from your kids over and over and it's driving you nuts? Need some quiet and screen free activities for your kids so you don't have to entertain them 24/7? Get ready the bust that boredom with these amazing I'm Bored cards!

B: Build, Craft and Make Something

O: Outside Playtime

R: Read

E: Earn Money

D: Do Something Nice for Others

This printable I'm Bored card pack will help keep your kids independent, entertained and busy so you can have a few productive moments to yourself! Ideas are all easy and fun independent kids activities using materials around your house or yard.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: after purchasing, the digital PDF print file will download immediately. A physical copy will NOT be shipped to you. Print the file at home or send to a local printer to print your 5.5.x4.25 I'm Bored card pack

PRINTED/LAMINATED: this option will be printed, laminated and attached to a binder ring, and shipped to you with free shipping!

Use a dry erase pen to circle the plan your kids' decide on so they are clear on expectations and are ready to go with their chosen activity! These are perfect for summer break where we have a little more time on our hands!

This printable is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. It cannot be resold, shared or copied.

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