Flowers and Rainbows Baby Shower Plan

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From Flowers to Rainbows...Love Has No Limits!

Your sweet friend is having a baby and you get the distinct honor of hosting her baby shower! But… you are unsure of where and how to start planning a shower.  Or you’re crazy busy and don’t have the time to think of ideas, find the supplies you need, and actually host the dang party.  The stress is starting to creep in. Am I right?  Friend, I hear you, and I have so been there.

And guess what? I’ve planned your baby shower for you!

This Flowers and Rainbows Shower Plan outlines your shower start to finish, giving you links to purchase…

  • adorable supplies and decor to make the shower vision come to life (you know the ones that take you hours to find on the internet)
  • menu plans and recipes with those clever themed names no one has time to think of
  • supplies and outlines for fun games your guests won't mind playing
  • special keepsake gift ideas for the mama to be
  • favors and game prizes your guests will actually get excited about winning!
  • so.much.more!

The best part? You and your co-hosts can use this plan and be on the same page when it comes to decor, activities, and menu plans! Sharing is caring…and delegating at a party (especially a shower) is one of the best ways to host an enjoyable party. Cheers!

Let’s get started hosting a shower you’ll actually enjoy! 



Your Shower Plan

With the click of a button your DIGITAL PARTY PLAN will download and you will be on your way to planning your beautiful flower and garden brunch baby shower in minutes. You will receive a 20+ page guide that takes the searching out of finding the perfect details for your sweet baby shower. Each page of your party planning guide delivers step by step instructions to execute the perfect shower from start to finish. Whether you want options to DIY the party decor, or purchase it, I’ve done the searching for you and found the best options so you are just a click away from putting together the perfect flower and rainbow themed Baby Shower!

Your Flowers and Rainbow Shower Plan includes…

* Theme inspiration
*Links to invitations
*Links to themed printables
*Outfit options with links to purchase
*Decoration ideas
*DIY Tutorials
*Links to purchase
*Links to purchase tabletop items
*Bubbly Bar Ideas and Set up Tips
*Menu ideas
*Dessert ideas
*Shower Activities and Games with links to purchase materials
*Gifts for the mama with links to purchase
*Links to favors and game prizes
*Weekly checklist for your party

Everything you need to put together a perfectly planned Floral Baby Shower!

*Customizations available for a possible additional cost upon request*