New School Year Hopes and Dreams Bundle

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Get ready this new school year by having a family date where you share hopes and dreams for the upcoming school year. What do kids hope to learn? What experiences do they hope to have (at home or eventually back at school). What goals do they have?

All of these conversations starters give such great insight into how you can connect and help your kiddo in this upcoming very up in the air year!

This bundle also comes with School Year Jitter Glitter! A poem and small bag of confetti to put under your kiddo's pillow before the start of school to get them calm and excited!


-New School Year Hopes and Dreams Printable

-Jitter Glitter poem and confetti

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: after purchasing, the digital PDF print file will download. A physical copy will NOT be shipped to you. Print the file at home or send to a local printer to print your 8x10 New School Year Hopes and Dreams Printable and 4x6 Jitter Glitter poem. CONFETTI IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS OPTION.

PRINTED: this option will be printed, confetti included and shipped to you with free shipping!

This printable is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. It cannot be resold, shared or copied.

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