Masterclass: Getting Dream Media for Your Business...Scrappy AF Style

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Calling all mother hustlers!

Want to make a massive splash in your business...but unsure how to go about doing it?

Think getting featured in dream media outlets like Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Buzzfeed are for other people, and not something you could do? Maybe questioning whether your business is "ready" or if you're following is impressive enough for a big name to take you seriously?

Oh girl. Buckle up!

In my 4 years of running a creative online and product based business, I have mastered the art of getting my business featured in media outlets increasing my visibility and more importantly, SALES!

With my first feature, Forbes, I immediately gained credibility and people took me WAY more seriously. This snowballed into Martha Stewart, Oprah Magazine, Mingle Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple and MORE!

And NOW, I'm spilling all the tea for how you can do the same in this masterclass!

Topics Discussed in Class:

  • What the heck do I even pitch?
  • Who do I pitch that'll be most beneficial to my business?
  • How do I even write a pitch?
  • I what?

 All those and more will be answered! And I've created a FREE WORKBOOK for you to use as well!

So! Grab your ticket, throw a new cute notebook in your Target cart, and let's get to work! 💪🏼


Once you purchase, a confirmation will come through with digital downloads! Open that up, click the link to watch the class in your workbook, and get ready to take massive action for you biz. I'm SO excited for you, sis!