Personal Party Planning Consultation

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Party planning is WAY more fun when you're planning with a girlfriend! The most common thing I hear from women I work with is, "I just don't know how to set it all up so it looks cute." We get so caught up in the Pinterest-perfect pictures that we forget why we're even having a party in the first place- to celebrate someone or something!

I'm here to help you out! I'm happy to be that girlfriend you're looking to bounce ideas off of when planning your next party! I'll FaceTime or Skype with you for 30 minutes and you can show me your party space, the decor you have already, and you will walk away with a plan on how to set your party up. I'll walk you through the set-up, brainstorm ideas with you, and give you the confidence you need to host a beautiful, memorable party!

Let's get chatting!



What will we talk about in our Party Planning Consultation Call?

Up to you, sister! You've got me for an hour and I want to make the most out of that time!

I'd love to help you with...

    • going through the decor and determining where it will all go in the space


    • making a plan for how you're space will work for your party and guests


    • setting the table together


    • brainstorming menu plans and dessert ideas


    • best places in the space for photo ops


    • repurposing items/decor you already have in your house to make them work for the party


    • what food items will go on what serving pieces

Whatever you are feeling stressed about is what I want to focus on the most! Come prepared and ready with questions so we can get planning together and you'll immediately feel more at ease about hosting.

How Can I Schedule a Time?

    1. When you purchase a Personal Party Planning Consultation Call, please put your phone number or Skype ID in the notes section


    1. I will send you a Calendly link via the email you used to purchase


    1. You pick a time that works for you to chat!


    1. We hash out your party, you walk away with a plan and an excitement in your heart about your upcoming party!

So fun!