Fancy Nancy Party Plan

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Ooh La La! Let's have a soiree! (that's fancy for party!)

Your fancy little lady's birthday is coming up and you need to plan a party, mama!

Do you have an extra fabulous Fancy Nancy fan at home? Is your little one constantly running around the house in her ensembles and accessories? This party is for you, mama! I’m here to help you say au revoir to the stress and overwhelm a party brings…and say bonjour to hosting a FUN and MEMORABLE Fancy Nancy party for your favorite fancy lady!

This Fancy Nancy Birthday Party Plan outlines your party start to finish, giving you links to purchase…

    • adorable supplies and decor to make it come to life (you know the ones that take you hours to find on the internet)

    • menu plans and recipes with those clever themed names no one has time to think of

    • supplies and outlines for fun and engaging activites

    • outfit options for your Fancy Nancy

    • party favors your guests will actually use and their parents won’t throw away

    • so.much.more!

Let’s get started hosting a party you’ll actually enjoy! 




With the click of a button your DIGITAL PARTY PLAN, party planning checklist, and themed party freebies will download, and you will be on your way to planning your party in minutes. You’ll receive a 25+ party planning guide that takes the searching out of finding the perfect details for your Fancy Nancy themed birthday party.

Each page of your party planning guide delivers step by step instructions to execute the perfect party from start to finish. Whether you want options to DIY the party decor, or purchase it, I’ve done the searching for you and found the best options so you are just a click away from putting together the perfect extravagant birthday party for your fabulous daughter.

My goal is simple!
I help plan the perfect party for you so YOU can relax, save time, and save money (hello!). You will be able to actually enjoy the month leading up to your child’s party! I'm here to help you do all the heavy lifting for your special day, and you get to walk away with cherished memories celebrating with your loved ones.


*Theme inspiration
*Links to invitations
*Links to themed printables
*Decoration ideas
*DIY tutorials
*Links to purchase
*Ideas for creating personalized touches
*Outfit options with links to purchase
*Menu ideas
*Dessert table ideas
*DIY tutorials
*Party Activities with links to purchase materials
*Links to party favors and thank you notes
*Weekly checklist for your party

Everything you need to put together your perfect Fancy Nancy birthday party for your little one. Oooo La La, let's celebrate!

*Customizations available upon request*